South Knox Town Hall

Over 100 South Knoxville residents attended the South Knox Town Hall Meeting (Feb 3) at South Doyle Middle School. Updates were provided on the progress of several projects: Local Neighborhood Groups (including the new Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association), Kerns Bakery, Urban Wilderness, IC King Park Expansion & Redesign, and the BMX Bicycle Track at South Doyle Middle School. Other issues that were discussed with community input included, new South Knox resident owned businesses, restrictions on fast cash loan businesses, restrictions on ugly signage, hazardous narrow roads, chapman highway traffic flow improvements, traffic light coordination, traffic safety pertaining to children & cyclists, increased incidence of gun shots (not violence) in South Haven, litter control & pickup program, increased police patrols in South Knoxville, upcoming Gov. John Sevier Scenic Highway Community Meeting (Mar 4), and South Knoxville Cleanup (Mar 17). CTV recorded the entire meeting. You can watch it at by clicking on “Community/Events” in the player. Then, select “South Knox Town Hall_Feb0318”. Or, just click the link below:

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