New Neighbors


New Neighbors on Our Doorstep 

Spring is just around the corner.  So too are new neighbors  –  the earliest arrivals at Riverwalk at the Bridges.  CEO Vic Mills of Southeastern Development Co. expects the first residents in this $160-million residential project to begin arriving in May.  The first group of renters will fill up the east portion closest to the Regal Building (shown above). When full, over 300 homes will add life to this long barren stretch between the bridges.  Take a walk on West Blount Ave. to the Gay Street Bridge and you can already view the appearance of the completed facade.  We also anxiously await the future development of this portion of the riverwalk, which will ultimately link with our own Riverwalk at CityView.  This project will certainly provide an impetus to contiguous retail-restaurant development.  More than 500 likely drivers will also impact our vehicular movement.  Appropriate agencies of Knoxville city government are working together to address this concern.  It is great to have new energy on the Southside Waterfront!

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