Kern’s Bakery UPDATE

On February 21, 2019, the Old Sevier Neighborhood Association held their monthly meeting at which the new developers, (Mallory & Evans Development – Scottsdale, Georgia), presented their plans for converting the Kern’s Bakery site into a viable and productive campus with a complete renovation of the main bakery building and the addition of 120+ rental apartments.   Neighbors Mike, Kevin & Drew were in attendance, along with about 30 other community residents.  The blueprint for the site consists of three phases each of which will be designed to preserve the architectural integrity of the existing structure.   Phase 1 will include the construction of two 5-story luxury apartment buildings on the upper elevation of the site.  Phase 2 will include the re-configuration of the bakery building into mixed use spaces to include offices, eateries and markets.  The “inside shops” will provide SWFT neighbors a place to go for a cup of coffee or a craft brew with friends.  Both phases are planned to be completed at the same time.  Phase 3 has not yet been planned, but will include some sort of new commercial space on the southern corner of the property.  While traffic congestion is always a concern on Chapman Highway, all appropriate engineering and traffic studies are being performed and specifications being written for submission to the City for variance review and plan approvals.  If all goes smoothly construction could begin in the spring of 2020.

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