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Early on, the SWFT recognized the critical importance of several different methods of communication among neighbors to promote engagement and encourage participation.  Some of the most important methods are described below:

  • Word of Mouth–individual neighbors talking with one another is undoubtedly the most persuasive way to promote engagement. Neighbors who talk to one another develop trust and trust is one form of engagement. Motivated neighbors who attend and interact with other neighbors at regular social events like SWFT Second Monday, SWFT Butterfly Social, and SWFT Neylgate events can be very effective.
  • SWFT Magazine– our neighborhood web site at southsidewaterfront.org, may be the best way to reach the largest number of neighbors and beyond.  It provides all kinds of informative articles about SWFT membership, projects, activities, entertainment, local business, and local government.
  • SWFT Facebook Page– our private Southside Waterfront Facebook group page at THIS LINK allows members to make social posts, including special announcements and other entertaining posts of interest to neighbors.
  • SWFT Grapevine– our electronic newsletter features important news about neighborhood projects and activities.  Distributed via email to subscribers every 2 – 3 weeks, the Grapevine usually includes 5 – 7 short articles.  Neighbors may subscribe to the Grapevine at THIS LINK.
  • SWFT Networking Directory– neighbors who obtain the Member Credentials are encouraged to submit a Networking Inventory form at THIS LINK.  Doing so allows them to identify other neighbors with similar or complimentary interests, hobbies or skills through the “Members Only” SWFT Neighborhood Directory at THIS LINK.
  • Posters & Flyers– We all live very busy lifestyles – working, going to school, volunteering, traveling, and participating in recreational activities.  Sometimes event reminders like printed posters, flyers and door hangers are used. Mostly, these kinds of communication are seen in the elevators and lobby bulletin boards.
  • SWFT Committee Meetings– Much of the event planning and project work is done in small committees between major board meetings.  The time and place for committee meetings is determined by the committee leadership.  Interested neighbors who are not official “members” of the committees are welcome to attend.
  • Regular Email– There is still no substitute for regular email when it comes to urgent communications.  Often, some of the best work is accomplished via email, helping to advance projects without the logistical challenge of finding agreeable times for groups of people to physically get together to make decisions.
  • SWFT Board Meetings– Regular SWFT quarterly board meetings are held on the final Monday in Oct, Jan, Apr, & Jul.  During these meetings, plans, progress, and achievements of all committee work is reviewed. These meetings also provide an opportunity for members to provide comments and volunteer to serve on committees.  SWFT prides itself in performing most of its “work” between these meetings, rather than during  SWFT board meetings rarely, (if ever), last longer than 1 hour.

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