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KNOXVILLE: Everyone with an appetite for community improvement is invited to Knoxville SOUP on April 30th. The dinner will be held from 6:00 to about 8:30 p.m. at Dara’s Garden, 2637 Maryville Pike (in South Knoxville).

SOUP is an exciting community-focused project sponsored by the South Knoxville Alliance (SKA) and is open to the public. It is a combination of a dinner and a showcase of proposals for community-based projects from which attendees will choose the winner.

Four exciting proposals were selected to present for this dinner: 

  1. Curiosities-“Metaphysical Supplies, Antiques, and Unique Finds” will present a neighborhood beautification proposal.
  2. Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood Association will present a proposal for “One Cup at a Time” – a coffee program to encourage neighbor engagement.
  3. Bundled in Love (a group from Hillcrest United Methodist Church) is requesting support for their project to make blankets for patients at Children’s Hospital.
  4. Sleeves4Needs will present a proposal to provide lawn care for economically disadvantaged families.

For a suggested donation of $5, attendees receive a dinner from Rothchild Catering of Knoxville. The menu will consist of a choice of three chef prepared soups, salad, homemade bread, dessert, AND a vote. This dinner isn’t just about the food. It’s about the opportunity to connect with the community, share ideas and bring about some sort of change or improvement.

After the presentations, dinner is served and guests have time to dine, digest and discuss the various projects. Then they cast a ballot for the project they like best. Toward the end of the evening, the ballots are counted and the winning project is awarded 100 percent of the funds raised at the door that evening. Winners are invited back to subsequent dinners to report on their progress and success.

Proposals can be for anything that will benefit the community or society in general. Past winning projects have improved greenways and nature trails, provided exercise equipment for seniors, funded back to school drives, supported other charitable endeavors and even launched a small business with a social focus. There are no hard and fast rules to what a proposal should be, only that someone envisions it, asks for it and the diners vote for it.

The most recent Knoxville SOUP, held October 23, 2018, raised money for the East Tennessee Permaculture Research Institute to build a KAT bus shelter on Ogle Avenue to accommodate patrons of the FISH Hospitality Pantry that have no protection from the weather while waiting on bus service.

For more information about Knoxville Soup

Contact: Danny Gray
Phone: (865) 577-0531

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