Rewarding Treasure

As the first annual Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction came to a close, SWFT was rewarded with an enormous $841 cash treasure.  The purpose of the citywide event co-sponsored by Community Television of Knoxville, the Office of Neighborhoods, and participating neighborhood organizations is to engage neighbors and raise money for neighborhood projects.  During the event, neighbors became engaged in the following ways:

  • donated “treasures” to be auctioned (43 neighbors, 157 treasures)
  • encouraged neighbors and local businesses to donate
  • served as Neighborhood Treasure Hunt Coordinators (9 organizations)
  • presented information at neighborhood meetings
  • recorded voice-overs for public service announcements (22 neighbors)
  • shared posts and videos via social media
  • participated in online bidding activity (61 neighbors)
  • provided assistance/appearances during live special (18 neighbors)
  • submitted winning bids (26 neighbors)

Thank You to all of the SWFT neighbors who helped to make this such a successful fundraising event.  A total of 132 different treasures were sold, totaling $1,817.  One hundred percent of the proceeds went to the neighborhood organizations designated by each donor, as follows:

  1. Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association . . . $841
  2. South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association $274
  3. View Park Neighborhood Association  $215
  4. Lake Forest Neighborhood Association $196
  5. Knoxville Neighborhood Conference   $106
  6. Town Hall East Neighborhood Association $73
  7. Old Sevier Community Group  $66
  8. RiverHill Gateway Neighborhood Association    $41
  9. Burlington Residents Organization   $5

Next, the SWFT Membership & Project Committees will decide how to apply these funds to our neighborhood projects, activities & events.

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