Railroad Tunnel Entrance

Imagine if we could make the tunnel that is the gateway to our neighborhood, look like this mural at the Miller Avenue railroad underpass in Ann Arbor!

SWFT has enlisted the help of a “In Our Backyards” (IOBY) to assist in fundraising efforts to have a beautiful mural painted on the railroad tunnel.  IOBY gives local leaders the ability to crowdfund the resources they need to build real, lasting change from the ground up.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our fundraising efforts are close to being live.  While it will go live on ioby.org, a soft launch is the first step.  The Soft Launch is when you keep your project quiet at first and ask those closest to you (friends, family, easy asks) for their donations. The goal is to reach 25% of your fundraising total before you announce your campaign page to the public.  In those first few weeks the page will only be sent to the people who love us and trust us enough to donate even when we are still at $0.  With a solid 25% raised, the public will be more comfortable investing in our campaign and we’ll have the momentum needed.  To learn more about the soft launch process, read this guide.

Now, calling for help to get our soft launch off the ground!  Volunteer to Drew by emailing him at jeskepolyak@gmail.com.

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