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The Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood now consists of two distinct groups.  One group consists of working & retired adults with experience in professional, technical, executive & administrative occupations.  The other (larger) group consists of young adults studying to enter these fields.

SWFT is committed to encouraging neighbors in both groups to get to know each other based on their shared work experience and/or field of study.

Based on our call for action on May 17th, the SWFT Membership and Networking Directory has been updated with 25 professions.  And that is out of 42 members who now share their profile with the neighborhood.  Take a look and meet your neighbors.

Also, neighbor’s Kevin and Drew will be meeting with 303 Flats Management this week to discuss next steps and plans of action to include our student neighbors in the vibrant community being built on this side of the river.

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