Big Tent Project

From its inception, SWFT has embraced participation from ALL neighbors, regardless of whether they own or rent. We believe every neighbor is an important part of the neighborhood. The inspiration for our proposed 2020 “Big Tent” Project came from input received last fall when SWFT hosted a welcome party for the incoming residents at the newly opened 303 Flats student apartments. During that event, the younger group of neighbors at 303 Flats enthusiastically embraced the more senior group of neighbors from CityView who hosted the event. In addition to the lively conversation, the 303 Flats residents suggested many different creative ways we could promote interaction and engagement between the two groups. Most of their suggestions involved various kinds of social and professional networking events throughout the year.

The “Big Tent” Project will: (1) connect neighbors and promote inclusion by allowing SWFT to hold future neighborhood events under a literal “big tent”, (2) strengthen the communication network between residents at CityView and 303 Flats, and (3) increase the number of youth involved in the planning and execution of neighborhood events.

The largest portion of our funding request will be used to purchase a large (20’ x 40’) portable commercial weather resistant event tent and anchor bags, a cabinet to store the tent, and a portable collapsible multipurpose cart to safely transport and serve beverages, including hot coffee. A sturdy portable tent is preferred over a permanent structure for two important reasons: (1) to hold outdoor events on the grounds both, at CityView and 303 Flats, and (2) to encourage active participation among both groups of neighbors in the planning, set up, and execution of each event.

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