Merry Chrysalis

On September 9th, twenty-five residents from both CityView and 303 Flats were in attendance at our September Second Monday event featuring our celebration of Butterfly Chrysalis and a special guest.  Anna Compton joined us a a representative of the Office of Neighborhoods after following up with SWFT regarding our “Big Tent” Neighborhood Small Grants Application.  We also welcomed Elivin Philpot and William Hobson from 303 Flats, as we are promoting increased engagement among all neighbors in our association.  Great food and fun was shared by Art & Debbie M., Kevin & Andrew JP, Teri D., Elvin P, William H., Kara G., Audrey B., Vicki J., Jim H., Rachael & Jeff W., Les & Mariea H., Marsha S., Pete G., Sally B., Michael M., Alisa & Dan W., Jeanette & Steve C, Sam H., and Anna C.  Once again, great prizes were awarded from the gracious resident volunteer donors, Aubrey’s Free Dessert Certificate (Mariea H.), Oliver Royal Free Dessert Certificate (Marsha S.), and a set of 2 cocktail glasses (Alisa W.).

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