The Red Line

You’ve heard about the new Trolley Service to South Knoxville many times before. This is a testimonial, first hand knowledge of the most recent greatest step forward for our neighborhood.

Andrew Jeske-Polyak walked to work this sunny autumn day. The usual walking route was taken, up the hill on West Blount, waiting at the Henley Bridge corner for the light to change, crossing Henley Bridge and walking along East Blount in front of One Riverwalk. However, this day, as Drew had just crossed the bridge, a Red Line Trolley bus passed. Realizing he missed that one, as he approached the actual bus stop, Drew decided to just stop and wait for the next one. Within 5 minutes, the next Red Line Trolley turned the corner and stopped. The short trip to downtown was pleasant, enjoyable and so very convenient. The Red Line is highly recommended.

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