Art Wraps

The above picture is just one of Russell Briscoe’s work that is being considered.

Downtown Arts Wraps take plain traffic engineering boxes and turn them into stunning canvasses portraying the artwork of some of the important Knoxville artists from the past. Art Wraps engage the public (residents and visitors) to discover the city’s rich artistic heritage by showcasing some of the important artwork made by Knoxville artists from the past.

Each vinyl wrap is enhanced with an interpretive panel featuring a photograph of the artist and a short biography describing the artist’s connection to Knoxville.

Art Wraps feature artists highlighted in the Knoxville Museum of Art and the East Tennessee Historical Society and Museum. SWFT has settled on famed railroad artist, Russell Briscoe.

SWFT is happy to announce that we are working on a project to wrap the box on West Blount Avenue, at the Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge. If you are interested in donating to help fund the wrap, please contact Drew Jeske-Polyak at

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