Parking Protection

Parking whether on a street or in the parking garages can pose certain security threats. Do your best to protect your vehicle by following these tips:

Lock Your Doors . . . Most car break-ins and thefts occur with unlocked cars. Even if you are parked in front of the building or inside the parking garage, lock your doors.

Secure Your Vehicle . . . Roll your windows all the way up and engage the car alarm, but do not depend on the alarm as the only way to deter a thief. A car thief can break in and be gone in 30 seconds, fast enough that an alarm wouldn’t scare them away.

Keep Tidy . . . Avoid leaving anything visible in the car, including backpacks and electronics.  Almost anything that is visible from the outside, even an empty box, can be seen as valuable to a thief.

Stash Before You Park . . . Get in the habit of putting items you want to hide in your trunk before you park.  Savvy thieves will linger in parking areas watching to see where people stash their valuable items.

Park Smart . . . Park in well-lit areas and avoid concealment from larger vehicles.

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