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The Third Annual Community Television of Knoxville City of Knoxville Neighborhood Treasure Hunt will be held April 23, 2021. The CTV Neighborhood Treasure Hunt provides an effective low-intensity, high-yield strategy to help address communication, participation and funding for us and provides the same for the other neighborhoods in the City.

People don’t generally participate in fundraisers without having some idea of what the funds raised will be used for.  To generate the most excitement and engagement, the Southside Waterfront Neighborhood (SWFT) would like to announce three projects currently being worked on and in need of support.

  • A mural to beautify the one lane railroad bridge on Blount Avenue
  • Art wraps for the traffic control and KUB boxes in our neighborhood
  • Street light banners along West Blount Avenue

There are many ways to support SWFT and participate in the Neighborhood Treasure Hunt. You can donate items for the auction or obtain business sponsorships. To learn how it all works, CHECK THIS OUT. To donate items to the auction, find out more at this LINK. To obtain business sponsorships for us, find out more HERE. Keep in mind, SWFT keeps 100% of the proceeds generated from the sale of all items and cash donated on our behalf.

Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association is now in search of items. For additional information, please contact Drew Jeske-Polyak at 865-659-6742, or

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