Kickstand Bike Shop

Welcome to Kickstand Bike Shop!

Kickstand Bicycle Collective is an all-volunteer initiative to put bicycles on the streets of Knoxville and surrounding area by operating a community bike shop, teaching bike mechanics, maintenance, and safe practice. KBC acts to connect community members to local bike advocacy groups. KBC primarily serves those who have limited resources and may not have access to other forms of transport. The Collective practices reuse of resources and recycling of materials in all practical ways.

How can you help KickStand? They have the following services for you to take advantage of:

  • Visit them and support them through purchasing your bike and maintaining it at KickStand
  • Volunteer to Repair Bikes: 3 hours a week refurbishing bikes at their shop
  • Volunteer to breakdown Bikes: 2 hours a week removing parts from old bikes
  • Volunteer to provide Community Relations: 2 hours a week working with their partners
  • Volunteer to provide office and clerical support: 2 hours a week helping with office skills
  • Volunteer the work on their repair stations: 2 hours a week service repair stations

KickStand has two locations:

  • 1323 N. Broadway, behind Fourth United Presbyterian Church
  • 4630 Holston Dr, behind Macedonia United Methodist Church

Contact Kickstand at:

  • Facebook, @kickstandknoxville

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