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  1. “Second Monday” Social Events 2016-May
  2. CityView Residents Knoxville Facebook Group Page 2016-May
  3. Little Free Library 2017-May
  4. Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association formed 2017-Nov
  5. Southside Waterfront Facebook Group Page 2017-Oct
  6. SWFT Officers 2017-Nov
  7. SWFT By-Laws 2017-Nov
  8. SWFT 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status 2017-Dec
  9. SWFT Membership/Application Survey 2017-Dec
  10. SWFT Grapevine Electronic Newsletter 2018-Jan
  11. SWFT Website 2018-Feb
  12. Neighborhood Leadership Workshop Series attended. 2018-Feb
  13. South Knoxville Alliance (SKA) 2018-Feb
  14. South Knoxville Neighborhood & Business Coalition (SKNBC) 2018-Mar
  15. Knoxville Neighborhood Conference 2018-Mar
  16. Knoxville Neighborhood Achievement Award received ($50). 2018-Mar
  17. Ping Pong Table project implemented. 2018-Mar
  18. SWFT Bank Account 2018-Mar
  19. Ijams River Rescue participation (Neyland Drive Boat Ramp). 2018-Apr
  20. Welcome 303 Flats project proposal submitted. 2018-Apr
  21. Neylgate Game Day Event introduced (Spring game). 2018-Apr
  22. Movie Night – “The Last Movie Star”. 2018-Apr
  23. Top Ten Project Areas identified by neighbors. 2018-Apr
  24. SWFT Mailboxes installed at CityView bulletin boards. 2018-May
  25. Railroad Tunnel Mural project introduced.  2018-Jun
  26. Welcome 303 Flats project approved ($500). 2018-Jun
  27. Welcome Neighbor Bags program introduced. 2018-Jul
  28. Door Hangers printed and delivered to 303 Flats. 2018-Aug
  29. Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat project proposal submitted. 2018-Aug
  30. Organization Acronym changed from SWNA to SWFT. 2018-Aug
  31. Neighborhood Banner 2018-Aug
  32. Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat project site visit. 2018-Sep
  33. SWFT Neylgate Activities successfully kicked off. 2018-Sep
  34. Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat project approved at City Council ($3,000). 2018-Oct
  35. Welcome 303 Flats event successfully held (52 attendees). 2018-Oct
  36. SWFT Engagement Badges introduced.  2018-Nov
  37. SWFT Neylgate Activities successfully concluded. 2018-Nov
  38. SWFT Friendsgiving Dinner held with 303 Flats residents.  2018-Nov
  39. SWFT Holiday Greeting Video produced.  2018-Dec
  40. Light Up South Knoxville participant.  2018-Dec
  41. Butterfly Habitat Club formed.  2019-Jan
  42. Butterfly Habitat Garden Beds constructed and placed.  2019-Jan
  43. Butterfly “Egg” Social held.  2019-Feb
  44. Butterfly Habitat Garden Beds filled with topsoil.  2019-Feb
  45. Butterfly Habitat Garden Beds populated with plants.  2019-Mar
  46. SWFT “In the Neighborhood” video series produced.  2019-Mar
  47. SWFT Special Election held.  2019-Mar
  48. Neighborhood Treasure Hunt donations collected.  2019-Mar
  49. Ijams River Rescue participation (1st Creek, near Barley’s). 2019-Apr
  50. “Avoid the Chaos” 303 Flats rebranding event held.  2019-Apr