One Cup at a Time

October 14, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
SWFT held its second ‘One Cup at a Time’ coffee hour at 303 Flats, Monday, October 14, 2019. This time we partnered with 303 Flats and participated in their ‘Breakfast On The Go’ concept. They provided donuts and water and […]

They’re Coming . . .

September 26, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Patience comes to those who wait! During the preliminary research and planning process, we were instructed not to expect too much in regards to seeing butterflies during the first year. In the past one month, multiple people have reported seeing […]

The Red Line

September 24, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
You’ve heard about the new Trolley Service to South Knoxville many times before. This is a testimonial, first hand knowledge of the most recent greatest step forward for our neighborhood. Andrew Jeske-Polyak walked to work this sunny autumn day. The […]

Caught in the Act

March 12, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Last year, Art B privately began a practice that quickly became the neighborhood cleanup activity.  On some of his routine walks, he began picking up trash on the roadside and in other areas around the neighborhood.  To help him out, […]

Ready to Plant

March 12, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
We are now deep into the month of March when winter struggles to hang on and spring fights to take over.  And spring always wins!  On Sunday, March 31, we will celebrate the arrival of this wonderful season by planting […]

Second Monday – March 11

March 12, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
We had another spectacular SWFT Second Monday social event on March 11.  The camaraderie of twenty-five neighbors was evident in the jovial, light hearted, festive atmosphere as everyone shared drink and food.  Neighbors present were Drew & Kevin JP, Don […]
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Neighborhood Advisory – Vol. 12, No. 10

March 12, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
HEADLINES . . .  Which area will win? The Neighborhood Challenge is tomorrow! Lake Forest holds elections Office Survey is live Win a $75 Neighborhood Achievement Award Planning Commission meets March 14 Recode Knoxville Comments due March 15 PARC, KPD, and […]

Kern’s Bakery UPDATE

February 22, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
On February 21, 2019, the Old Sevier Neighborhood Association held their monthly meeting at which the new developers, (Mallory & Evans Development – Scottsdale, Georgia), presented their plans for converting the Kern’s Bakery site into a viable and productive campus […]

Butterfly Garden Beds Filled

February 22, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
On Saturday (February 16th) twenty motivated UT students volunteered to assist eight other SWFT neighbors in completing the actual construction phase of the raised butterfly garden beds.  During the span of 2 hours, all six beds were completely filled.  First, […]

SKNBC Highlights – Jan 2019

January 21, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Neighbors Don and Drew attended the January monthly meeting of South Knoxville Neighborhoods and Business Coalition (SKNBC).  Representatives from Lindberg Forrest, Old Sevier, South Knoxville Alliance, Colonial Village, Southside Waterfront, and Island Home Park presented updates related to neighborhood projects.  […]

Second Monday – Jan 14

January 21, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
During our January 14 Second Monday Social Event approximately 20 neighbors gathered for food, friendly conversation and fun.  Attendees included Linda C, Mike and Lisa M, Kevin and Drew JP, Julie H, Jeanette C, Malcom and Sally B, Toni and […]

Neighborhood Advisory – No. 44

January 21, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
HEADLINES . . . 1. Unique fundraising opportunity through Community Television of Knoxville | 2. Office of Neighborhoods partners with Parks and Recreation to host grant opportunity workshops| 3. Neighborhood photos wanted | 4. Four properties to be addressed by Board of […]

Chapman Highway Improvement

December 25, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Hosted by Mike Conger, Senior Transportation Engineer of Knoxville Transit, and Dawn Michele Foster, Redevelopment Director for the City of Knoxville, another Chapman Highway Improvement Implementation Plan Stakeholder Group Meeting was held December 12, 2018.  To review, the goal is to create […]

Neighborhood Advisory – No. 42

December 25, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
HEADLINES . . . 1. Montgomery Village Tenants Association hosts Caroling Party | 2. Mechanicscille provides warmth to neighborhood kids| 3. Office of Neighborhoods to release Best Practices Guide in 2019 | 4. Office of Neighborhoods asks for Feedback | 5. Office of Neighborhoods offers Introduction […]

Light Up

December 9, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Earlier this Fall, a call was put out to “Light Up” South Knoxville for the holiday season. Well, the holiday season has arrived and a night stroll through the SWFT neighborhood reveals that several residences have “lit up” their terraces […]

Neighborhood Advisory – No. 40

December 9, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
HEADLINES . . . 1. Honoring community advocate and leader Gwen Winfrey | 2. Neighborhood Holiday Events | 3. City Neighborhood Advisory Council appoints 4 new members | 4. KPD community survey | 5. Office of Neighborhoods offers Introduction to Knoxville Government class  | […]

Railroad Time Tunnel Update

October 30, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
After approximately 1 year of discussion with Norfolk Southern, SWFT has received proposed contract agreements that would enable us to begin work on beautifying the railroad underpass with a painted mural.  If signed, these contracts would commit SWFT to pay […]

SWFT Election – Vote NOW

October 22, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
The nomination period for new SWFT Neighborhood Association officer elections has closed and voting has begun. Listed below are the names of all current eligible voters, based on having received their membership applications during the past year. If your name […]

Welcome Party This Saturday!

October 22, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Final Reminder . . .  All residents at CityView and 303 Flats are invited and encouraged to attend a very special party that will celebrate the arrival of the residents at 303 Flats this Saturday, October 27th from 4 pm – 6 pm.  The […]

SWFT at City Council

October 22, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Final Reminder . . . This Tuesday (Oct 23) the SWFT Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat grant proposal will be placed before City Council at 6 pm for final approval.  This is a very special moment for our newly formed neighborhood association, so it will […]

Under The Bridge

October 12, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
With the weather cooling down, walking has become a more popular way to navigate to the downtown.  One of the things that has always discouraged us from walking has been the dread of crossing Chapman Highway. With the opening of […]

Augie’s Roses

August 5, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Back in early April, neighbors Art & Donna unexpectedly lost their dear doberman Augie.  At the time, Augie was a customer of, an on-line pet food company that carried all sorts of pet foods and treats, even specialty products.  […]

Welcome Neighbor Bags

July 19, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
The South Knoxville Neighborhoods and Business Coalition (SKNBC) is preparing to introduce its expanded “Welcome Neighbor Bag” program this fall.  The centerpiece of the program will be a supply of beautiful high-quality insulated shopping bags filled with an assortment of […]

SKNBC – Jul 2018

July 18, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
The South Knoxville Neighborhoods and Business Coalition is a combined group of South Knoxville Neighborhood associations that work together to encourage active participation by its residents. Neighbors Kevin & Drew attended the July meeting that was recently held at the […]

Second Monday – Jul 2018

July 10, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Our July Second Monday social event set a record for the number of attendees (30) and featured one of the most diverse selections of delicious food we have ever had.  The following neighbors won these door prizes:  Ryan – $15 Starbucks gift card, Doris – $15 […]

Give Him Six

June 25, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Legendary “Voice of the Vols” John Ward passed away this month at the age of 88.  So many of us cut our teeth as Vol fans by listening to him on the radio while we watched the games on muted […]

South Coast Pizza

June 21, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Our own South Knoxville Riverfront is experiencing a boom in development.  The heart of that economic expansion is Sevier Avenue.  The latest addition is “South Coast Pizza” located at 1103 Sevier Avenue.  Chris Morton, the owner of the Bearden Beer […]

Small Grants Program

June 2, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
The City of Knoxville Neighborhood Small Grants Program (NSGP) strengthens neighborhoods by supporting a wide range of community-based initiatives through grants and technical assistance.  The program is aimed at resident-controlled, resident-led neighborhood groups such as our own Southside Waterfront Neighborhood […]

Fort Dickerson “Pick”-nic

May 21, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
UPDATE:  Due to logistical considerations, this previously planned event has been canceled.  Hopefully, it will be rescheduled for some time later this fall. The Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association (SWFT) will be partnering with the Knoxville Police Department KPD Explorer Post to perform […]

Aubrey’s Wins BZA Variance Request

May 21, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Last week (May 17), Randy Burleson achieved a major milestone with his plans to build the South Knoxville Aubrey’s on the Kern’s Bakery site.  Mr. Burleson and his architect went before the Knoxville Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) to present […]

Membership Committee Meeting Highlights

May 17, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
The SWFT Membership Committee met May 10 in the CityView Courtyard.  The purpose of the meeting was to begin to form strategies to (a) increase SWFT membership and (b) increase participation among SWFT members.  Some of the unique challenges pertaining […]

SKNBC Umbrella Organization

May 15, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Two SWFT representatives attended the May 15th  monthly South Knoxville Neighborhood & Business Coalition (SKNBC) meeting at South Knoxville Elementary School.  Representatives from the following SKNBC Membership Organizations presented neighborhood news and event reminders:  Colonial Village Neighborhood Association, Island Home Park Neighborhood […]

Second Monday – May 2018

May 15, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
A celebration of our pets was the theme at our most recent SWFT “Second Monday” event (May 14).  Participants honored their pets by wearing name tags bearing their names and shared some of their favorite pet stories.  Neighbors Chris Y, […]

Membership Stats – May 2018

May 12, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Currently, the Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association includes only the residents in the 122 condominiums (24 1-BR, 89 2-BR, 9 3-BR) at CityView at RiverWalk, where renters represent approximately 17% of the estimated 250 residents. This fall, 138 student luxury apartments […]

Dead Trees

May 8, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
At our recent board meeting, neighbor Art B offered to contact Urban Forester Kasey Krouse regarding the removal and possible replacement of a few dead trees in our neighborhood.  Art was delighted wit h the urgency with which Kasey addressed […]

Adopt a Street

March 13, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Neighbor Malcolm has been researching established local “adopt a street” programs.  So far, he has learned that Knox County runs an “Adopt-A-Road” program in which local businesses, civic clubs, churches, or other organizations may adopt sections of certain Knox Co. roads.  Organizations must […]

South Doyle Neighborhood

March 6, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
At the invitation of Carson Dailey, Kevin & Andrew Jeske-Polyak attended the regular monthly meeting of the South Doyle Neighborhood Association at Stock Creek Baptist Church on Tuesday, (Mar 6).  Approximately 30 neighborhood residents were present.  During the meeting, Kevin […]

Tennessee Boat Line

March 6, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Exploring the Blueways Aboard the Queen Priscilla by Nick Pavlis and Joanna Henning (Originally published in 2015) Just past Memorial Day, 2015 and the Tennessee River was teeming with kayaks, canoes and paddle-boards.  When riding a bike in the late […]


February 22, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Established for the express purpose and goal: Support and enhance the South Knoxville neighborhood associations represented by SKNBC. Encourage and mentor new South Knoxville neighborhood associations. Encourage active participation by area residents and businesses to address issues affecting South Knoxville. […]

Neighborhood Calendar

February 19, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Our Neighborhood Calendar features important information about community activities and events of interest to SWFT and other neighborhood groups.  For your convenience, the most urgent upcoming community events are listed on our home page in the column on the right […]

South Knoxville Cleanup

February 17, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Saturday, March 17, 9 am – noon.  Starts at Sam Duff Park.  Several South Knox neighborhoods are organizing to participate in this event.  Find out more about this event and Keep Knoxville Beautiful at this link.  

Second Monday – Nov 2017

November 19, 2017 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
To usher in the Holiday Season, we held our regular bimonthly CityView Second Monday social event (November 13, 6:30 pm -7:30 pm). We had a special guest, Dawn Michelle Foster, Redevelopment Director for the City of Knoxville, who gave us […]