SWFT China

March 3, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
This 67-piece Noritake China set donated by a SWFT neighbor is among the growing collection of treasures that will be auctioned during the upcoming Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of […]

Knoxville SOUP

March 3, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Knoxville SOUP is a community dinner – part pot luck and part planned. It is an opportunity for the community to gather, share and connect. It is an opportunity to support projects that, in some manner, benefit the community as […]

“In the Neighborhood”

March 3, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Thanks to neighbors Matt, John, Terri, Steve, PeTe, Don, Malcolm, & Jiah for their participation in helping to produce a fine collection of video programs for the CTV series entitled “In the Neighborhood”.  Soon, the entire collection of these programs, […]

“Ministries in Motion”

March 3, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
If you are interested in having a short video produced featuring interviews with some of the volunteers associated with the various ministries within your Knoxville church, please contact neighbor Kevin.  He is currently working on a video series for Community […]

Easy Money

February 23, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Please help SWFT raise money to support our neighborhood projects the easy way.  Donate something to the Knoxville Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction and designate the proceeds to benefit the Southside WaterFronT (SWFT) Neighborhood Association.  Or, if you prefer, […]

Butterfly “Egg” Social

February 22, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
On February 18, SWFT held the first of what will become a regular quarterly Butterfly Social event.  The February event, dubbed the Butterfly “Egg” Social, was appropriately named to symbolize the beginning of these events and pay tribute to the […]

Treasure Hunt

January 21, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Be sure to read the next edition of the Grapevine coming out within the next 10 days.  Included will be an EXPLOSIVE article with details regarding how you can participate in an exciting creative fundraiser that will benefit our specific […]

Bedding Down . . .

January 21, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
To date, more than 30 neighbors have contributed more than 200 hours of their time and talents to help plan and build our SWFT Butterfly Habitat.  Most recently, activities included the leveling of the site for six raised galvanized  garden […]

Neighborhood Sound Bites

December 25, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Neighbor Kevin is producing a short video to air on Community Television of Knoxville (CTV) featuring residents in the Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood.  He would like YOU to be included. Basically, the video will include a collection of short “sound […]

SWFT Holiday Video

December 21, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Community Television of Knoxville recently invited all Knoxville neighborhood groups to create a short holiday video greeting to air on the channel throughout the season.  Check out the 60-second greeting produced by SWFT neighbors Kevin & Drew.  Be sure to […]

Dirty Neighbors

December 9, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
As you probably know, the Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood Association is approved to move forward with our neighborhood butterfly habitat project.  Neighbors have already been meeting regularly to discuss options pertaining to native plants that will attract butterflies and satisfy their nesting and feeding needs. Now, we are ready […]

Flower Power

December 9, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Butterfly Weed, Common Milkweed, Purpletop Grass, Swamp Milkweed, Purple Passionflower, Black-eyed Susan, Goldenrod, Gay Feather, Virginia Sweetspire, Aromatic Aster, Blazingstar, Lyreleaf Sage, New England, Aster, Purple coneflower, Tall ironweed, Mountain mint, Phlox, and Orange Coneflower. There are just a few […]

Second Monday – Nov 12

November 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Join us for our bimonthly SWFT Second Monday social event this Monday, Nov 12 from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm in the CityView Club Room.  Come enjoy music, conversation, and fresh popcorn popped using our new SWFT popcorn machine!  Then, […]

Get Protected Now

November 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Last year, 80,000 people died from influenza, and another 700,000 were hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP).   Not a single one of these cases was spontaneous.  All of them were passed from one person to […]

Making Our Beds

November 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The SWFT Butterfly Habitat Club met over coffee and butter cookies this week to advance our recently funded Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat Project.  Specific sites for our garden beds have been determined on the riverwalk below the terrace and across from […]

Neighborhood Advisory – No. 38

November 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
HEADLINES . . . 1. Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Elects New Neighborhood Board | 2. NAC Hears More on Affordable Housing | 3. Introduction to Local Government Workshop | 4. MPC Meets November 8; ReCode deadline extended | 5. Active Knox Speaker Series Features Seth LaJeunesse | […]

SWFT Board Meeting & Election Results

October 30, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Last night (Oct 29) SWFT held its regular quarterly board meeting.  Following approval of the minutes, old business included a brief discussion of some of the significant achievements the organization has made during it’s first year.  A complete list of […]

Welcome 303 Flats Engagement

October 30, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The Welcome 303 Flats Party sponsored by SWFT was held on Saturday, October 27th in the 303 Flats Clubhouse Room.  During the event, neighbors from CityView interacted with neighbors at 303 Flats for the first time.  With a total of […]

What’s in a Name Badge?

October 30, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
We are in the process of creating colorful SWFT name badges for members to wear during neighborhood activities and events.  These badges are being created to help neighbors get to know one another more swiftly.  Four specific design features will […]

Butterfly Habitat Project APPROVED

October 30, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Earlier this month (Oct 23) several SWFT neighbors were on hand at the Knoxville City Council meeting when funding for our proposed Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat project was finally approved.  The $3,000 award will be used to design and construct at least […]

Butterflies for Dinner

September 14, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Steve McGaffin (Knoxville Zoo Curator and key proponent and organizer of butterfly monitoring in Tennessee) recently met with neighbors Kevin & Drew. During a delightful 2-hour dinner conversation, Steve provided an enormous amount of information pertaining to the life cycle […]

SKNBC – Aug 2018

August 21, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The South Knoxville Neighborhoods and Business Coalition is a combined group of South Knoxville Neighborhood associations that work together to encourage active participation by its residents. Neighbors Kevin & Drew attended the August meeting that was recently held at the […]

The Bell Tolls

August 16, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Neighbor Don has been a resident of CityView since July of 2017.  He enjoys the riverside location and all the friendly neighbors.  As soon as he moved in, he decided to get to know more about his surroundings, so he […]

CityView Recycle Bins

August 12, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Neighbor John reports that CityView at Riverwalk generates 24 bins of recyclable trash per month, amounting to approximately 18 TONS of recycled product per year!  What doesn’t fit in the bins, combined with all of the other garbage that ends […]

BOLO – Butterflies

August 5, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Do you know that the average life span of a butterfly is just 30 days? Some smaller butterflies only live 7 days. As SWFT is poised to create a neighborhood butterfly habitat, we would like your help in capturing some […]

SWFT Quarterly Meeting Highlights

August 1, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
At the July 30 Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association quarterly meeting, 22 neighbors and guests received updates on: membership recruiting & participation statistics, dead tree removal, funded “Welcome 303” Party, proposed Butterfly Habitat project, Railroad Underpass project exploration, current treasury report, […]

Chapman Highway Update

July 19, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Serving as our neighborhood representative, Neighbor Jeanette attended the Chapman Highway Implementation Plan Stakeholders Group meeting at Ijams Nature Center on July 18th.  Among the agenda items, a project overview was presented followed by a review of existing conditions, including […]

Neighbor Hobbies & Interests

July 1, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The most popular interests and hobbies reported by neighbors who have submitted the Member Profile thus far, include: boating, dining out (restaurants), VOLS football, dogs, college football, VOL Navy, walking, animal loving, VOLS basketball, happy hour activities, travel, watching movies […]

Your Football Tradition

June 27, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
It will soon be Football Time in Tennessee.  Last year, our newly formed Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association began what we hope will become a neighborhood tradition.  We call it “Neyl-gating”.  It is a game day tailgate event held under a tent at CityView by […]

SWFT Representative Needed

June 25, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The Metropolitan Commission and the City of Knoxville have just initiated a study to prioritize improvements for Chapman Highway.  The  “Chapman Highway Implementation Plan” will involve extensive engagement through the involvement of stakeholders, 2 community workshops, and a digital survey.  […]

$500 Grant Awarded

June 25, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association has just been awarded a $500 grant from the City of Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods to fund a proposal that was submitted a couple of months ago.  As described in the proposal, the funded activity will […]

Suttree Landing Pavilion Project

June 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The Public Building Authority (PBA) has provided updated information on the Suttree Landing Shore Structure & Restroom Pavilion Project.  Staff from the City of Knoxville and the Studio Four Design team provided responses to public comments they received at a recent […]

Puzzling Trash

June 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Have you ever participated in a neighborhood cleanup?  It’s really not as hard as it sounds and it is actually quite FUN!  In addition to the enjoyment of spending recreational time with neighbors, it is so satisfying to know you […]

Feathered Friends

June 2, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Thanks to all of our neighbors who have been actively assisting in keeping our docks clear of the goose droppings that seem to accumulate there at this time of year. The new water hoses and spray nozzles in the hands […]

We’ve All Got One

May 20, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Let’s face it, we’ve all got one.  We’ve had one since birth and it will stay with us for as long as we live.  So, we might as well own it and celebrate it with others who have one just […]

Aubrey’s Appeal Approved

May 17, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
On Thursday (May 17) the City of Knoxville Board of Zoning Appeals approved several variance requests submitted by Randy Burleson pertaining to the proposed construction of a new neighborhood Aubrey’s restaurant at 2226 Chapman Hwy. With great support from the […]

Life Saved Today

May 17, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Neighbor Art B. reports that shortly before noon today (May 17) a young man apparently trying to swim from Volunteer Landing to this side of the river nearly drowned.  Fortunately, two volunteers working the Ijams river clean up boat heard […]

USA Cycling National Championships

May 13, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Last year, we had an exciting weekend during the USA Cycling National Championships right here in downtown Knoxville.  They were so impressed with the City of Knoxville, Visit Knoxville, and the neighborhoods, that they decided to return this year!  Please be […]

Donate to SWFT

May 12, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Nonprofits of all sizes are using PayPal to make it as easy as possible for donors to give online.  Donors do not even need a PayPal account to donate. PayPal accepts all major debit and credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American […]

From “Ideas” to “Implementation”

May 4, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
SWFT encourages neighbors to convert their creative ideas into viable one-page project proposals.    Our objective is very clear.  We want to make it easy for neighbors to draft strong project proposals that include enough quality information to help generate interest and broad support […]
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SWFT Meeting – Apr 2018

May 2, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
At our Apr 30 board Meeting, special guests included Carson Dailey (County Commissioner), Mickayla Juroff (Great Schools Partnership & South Knoxville Elementary School), and Alicia Price (Governor’s Healthier Neighborhoods).  Neighbor Don revealed the Top 10 Project Areas identified by our members during the past 4 […]

We Just Got HOSED!

April 29, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Thanks to neighbors Chris & John, the CityView Docks have been outfitted with four 100-foot garden hoses & nozzles.  These hoses are for all of us who enjoy fishing, boating, and walking on the docks, but don’t enjoy having to […]

Next Door Neighbors

April 22, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Situated on the south bank of the Tennessee River, just west of the Henley Bridge in downtown Knoxville, the Southside Waterfront Neighborhood is comprised of two city blocks, featuring 260 condominiums & luxury student apartments – home to approximately 680 residents.  Though its geographic […]

CityView Neylgate Party

April 21, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Our inaugural CityView Neylgate Party, held in the shadows of Neyland Stadium on the terrace at CityView, featured smoked pork loin, meatballs, corn relish, cranberry salad, berry slaw, buffalo chicken dip, assorted chips, 7-layer salad, assorted veggies, cheese & pepperoni, […]

River Rescue Video

April 20, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Thanks to the 625 volunteers who participated at 42 different cleanup sites during the 29th Annual Ijams River Rescue, especially our Southside Waterfront Neighborhood residents who joined Kevin & Art at the Neyland Dr. Boat Ramp Site on that drizzly Saturday morning. In total, more than 1,350 bags of trash (plus many […]

The “T” at Riverfront

April 20, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
A new 19-story mixed-use development could be coming to the riverfront downtown with construction beginning as early as some time this fall.  Still in the design phase, The “T” at Riverfront (if approved) will be located in the space along […]

SWFT Project Planning

April 17, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Whenever a resident has an idea that could improve the neighborhood, it is important for their idea to be heard.  More importantly, it is necessary to have a planning process that helps them convert their idea into a strong project […]

Spring Safety & Crime Prevention

April 15, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Spring Has Finally Sprung On The South Waterfront!!1)      Please respect your neighbors and abide by the 11pm noise curfew at CityView. This applies to weekdays and weekends. 2)      When inviting guests over to our building, they must be accompanied by a resident at all […]