KUB Drinking Water Quality

May 13, 2020 Admin 0
Each year, KUB provides an report on where your drinking water, water from the tap, comes from and its quality. Here is this year’s report.

SWFT Elections – Vote NOW

October 14, 2019 Admin 0
The nomination period for new SWFT Neighborhood Association officer elections has closed and voting has begun. Please cast your vote now at THIS LINK. No login is required. Online voting will end on Monday, October 28th at 6:30 pm – […]

One Cup at a Time

October 14, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
SWFT held its second ‘One Cup at a Time’ coffee hour at 303 Flats, Monday, October 14, 2019. This time we partnered with 303 Flats and participated in their ‘Breakfast On The Go’ concept. They provided donuts and water and […]

They’re Coming . . .

September 26, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Patience comes to those who wait! During the preliminary research and planning process, we were instructed not to expect too much in regards to seeing butterflies during the first year. In the past one month, multiple people have reported seeing […]

The Red Line

September 24, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
You’ve heard about the new Trolley Service to South Knoxville many times before. This is a testimonial, first hand knowledge of the most recent greatest step forward for our neighborhood. Andrew Jeske-Polyak walked to work this sunny autumn day. The […]

Accepting Nominations Now

September 16, 2019 Admin 0
In just 2 years, SWFT has achieved many milestones as one of Knoxville’s newest neighborhood organizations.  Much of our success can be attributed to the level of neighbor engagement through communications via our Grapevine Newsletter and participation in our Second […]

Merry Chrysalis

September 12, 2019 Admin 0
On September 9th, twenty-five residents from both CityView and 303 Flats were in attendance at our September Second Monday event featuring our celebration of Butterfly Chrysalis and a special guest.  Anna Compton joined us a a representative of the Office […]

Chapman Highway Implementation Plan Now Available

September 6, 2019 Admin 0
A final report has been completed. The plan has been posted to the Knoxville Regional TPO website, and a press release and additional information about recent projects along the corridor can be found on the City of Knoxville’s Chapman Highway page. We also […]

A Second Monday Chrysalis

September 3, 2019 Admin 0
A chrysalis is the cocoon where the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly takes place. Continuing to celebrate the successful installation of the Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Butterfly Habitat, we will be holding the third stage, of four, social called the […]

Elections are coming . . .

September 3, 2019 Admin 0
No, not the City elections, the Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood Association Board elections will be held on October 28, 2019.  SWFT elects its board annually.  All 4 posts are available for nominations.  The positions and their responsibilities are: The PRESIDENT […]

What Will Be Dredged Up Next?

July 23, 2019 Admin 0
Have you ever wondered why the boat docks at CityView get all bent out of shape in the wintertime?  Every winter, the TVA drops the river water level by 10 feet in anticipation of winter snow and spring rain.  The depth […]

SoKno Summer Suttree Social UPDATE

July 23, 2019 Admin 0
Come One – Come All . . . Bring your family, your next-door neighbors, your good friends, and your dog. Food & Beverages . . . Free hot dogs will be provided, while they last, or pack a picnic lunch, […]

SoKno Trolley Service to Begin

July 23, 2019 Admin 0
It’s official!  Trolley Service to South Knoxville will begin Monday, August 19.  Knoxville Area Transit has rolled out The Red Line which will follow a circular route, from the main Trolley stop on Main St., across the Gay Street Bridge, […]

Neighborhood Advisory, Vol. 12, No. 25

July 23, 2019 Admin 0
HEADLINES . . .  Tenant Association Celebrates Library Opening 5 Points Community Hosts Community Homecoming Edgewood Park Neighborhood Sponsors Free Concert The U.S. Census Is Hiring Three Different Organizations Hosting Candidate Forums PARC Announces Quarterly Meeting Street Cleaning and Upgrades […]

Meet Marshall Stair

June 27, 2019 Admin 0
The primary election is Aug. 27, with early voting from Aug. 7-22. The last date to register to vote for the primary is July 29. For the mayoral election, if no candidate gets 50% of the vote, the two candidates […]

Convertible Bench/Tables

June 26, 2019 Admin 0
Soon, SWFT will be taking delivery of 4  convertible park bench/picnic tables.  Funding for these practical amenities, which will be positioned on the terrace overlooking the butterfly garden beds, was made possible through last year’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program.  Placing […]

Mid Term Report

June 26, 2019 Admin 0
We are delighted to report that SWFT has exceeded expectations in almost every area of execution related to our Butterfly Habitat Project.  Below, is the current status on 11 project goals: At least 10 neighbors will plan the butterfly garden […]

Big Tent Project

June 26, 2019 Admin 0
From its inception, SWFT has embraced participation from ALL neighbors, regardless of whether they own or rent. We believe every neighbor is an important part of the neighborhood. The inspiration for our proposed 2020 “Big Tent” Project came from input […]

SoKno Summer Suttree Social

June 25, 2019 Admin 0
SWFT and the other members of the South Knoxville Neighborhood & Business Coalition (SKNBC) are planning a very special summer neighborhood event at Suttree Landing Park on August 24 from 11 am until 5 pm.  The “SoKno Summer Suttree Social” will feature food, […]

SWFT Networking Directory

June 12, 2019 Admin 0
The Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood now consists of two distinct groups.  One group consists of working & retired adults with experience in professional, technical, executive & administrative occupations.  The other (larger) group consists of young adults studying to enter these […]

South Knoxville Trolley

June 12, 2019 Admin 0
In April, it was brought to our attention that Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) was in discussions with the City of Knoxville to expand trolley service to Blount Avenue, thereby finally linking South Knoxville to Downtown.  May 22, 2019, City Council […]

“Big Tent” Project

June 12, 2019 Admin 0
From its inception, the SWFT Neighborhood Association has embraced participation from all neighbors, regardless of whether they rent or own.  We believe every neighbor is an important part of the neighborhood.  SWFT is currently working on a City-sponsored Neighborhood Small […]

Neighbor Day Celebration

June 12, 2019 Admin 0
Neighbors Kevin & Drew are completely immersed in planning activities associated the big  Neighbor Day Celebration & Fundraising Event to be held at St. James Episcopal Church (1101 N. Broadway) on Saturday, September 28th.  This entertaining event will celebrate the service […]

Railroad Tunnel Entrance

June 9, 2019 Admin 0
Imagine if we could make the tunnel that is the gateway to our neighborhood, look like this mural at the Miller Avenue railroad underpass in Ann Arbor! SWFT has enlisted the help of a “In Our Backyards” (IOBY) to assist […]

Neighborhood Conference Recap

May 18, 2019 Admin 0
On Saturday (May 18) the City of Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods hosted the Neighborhood Conference at the Knoxville Convention Center.  This free conference provided a terrific opportunity for neighbors from all parts of the city to participate in four different […]

SWFT Networking Cards

May 17, 2019 Admin 0
The Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood now consists of two distinct groups.  One group consists of working & retired adults with experience in professional, technical, executive & administrative occupations.  The other (larger) group consists of young adults studying to enter these […]

Second Monday – May 2019

May 17, 2019 Admin 0
SWFT held its twentieth Second Monday Social Event (May 13) combining it with our second Butterfly Habitat (Caterpillar) Celebration.  Neighbors Debbie M, Drew JP, Kevin JP, Sally & Malcolm B, Terri & Steve D, Toni & Jim H, Julie H, […]

Meet Marshall Stair

May 17, 2019 Admin 0
Recently, one of our neighbors invited mayoral candidate Eddie Mannis to an informal “Meet & Greet” event at CityView.  Several neighbors attended the event and found it to be very informative.     At neighbor Alan’s request, mayoral candidate Marshall Stair has also […]

Second Monday/Caterpillar Social

May 9, 2019 Admin 0
Join us in the CityView Club Room this coming Monday (May 13) from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm for our combined “Second Monday/Caterpillar” Social.  Come enjoy some tasty treats, delightful conversation, and door prizes (at 7 pm).  Bring your favorite […]

Rewarding Treasure

May 9, 2019 Admin 0
As the first annual Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction came to a close, SWFT was rewarded with an enormous $841 cash treasure.  The purpose of the citywide event co-sponsored by Community Television of Knoxville, the Office of Neighborhoods, and […]

Recruiting PETographers

May 9, 2019 Admin 0
The pets who live in the Southside Waterfront (SWFT) neighborhood are residents too, but because they lack manual dexterity, they are not capable of registering at this site.  So we have created an online photo directory especially featuring them called “SWFT […]

Board Meeting Highlights

May 9, 2019 Admin 0
At the April 29 quarterly SWFT Neighborhood Association Meeting, the Membership Committee reported on the special election (acting President) result, updated SWFT membership stats, recently produced CTV videos featuring SWFT neighbors, “One Cup at a Time” member engagement initiative, and the proposed […]

Fare-Free KAT Trolley?

May 9, 2019 Admin 0
At our April SWFT Board Meeting, a question was raised regarding a proposed fare-free trolley service that would link the downtown and south waterfront.  Neighbor Kevin pledged to find out more about the proposal.  Below, is a summary of what […]

Neighborhood Advisory, Vol. 12, No. 18

May 9, 2019 Admin 0
HEADLINES . . .  1. No Newsletter for Two Weeks 2. Town Hall East Hosts Mayoral Candidate Forum 3. Lonsdale Market is opening this weekend 4. Vestal Community Celebrates Vestival 5. Which Neighborhoods Are Interested in Playing Wiffle Ball? 6. […]

SWFT Board Meeting

April 29, 2019 Admin 0
Tonight (Monday, April 29) the SWFT Neighborhood Association will meet at 6:30 – 7:30 pm in the CityView Club Room.  All CityView & 303 Flats residents are invited to attend.  Agenda items will include: bylaws change, membership report, one cup […]

SOUP’s On!

April 29, 2019 Admin 0
KNOXVILLE: Everyone with an appetite for community improvement is invited to Knoxville SOUP on April 30th. The dinner will be held from 6:00 to about 8:30 p.m. at Dara’s Garden, 2637 Maryville Pike (in South Knoxville). SOUP is an exciting […]

Chapman Highway Phase 2 Survey

April 29, 2019 Admin 0
City Engineering and Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) planners are studying the 6.2-mile stretch of Chapman in the city limits between the Henley Bridge and Gov. John Sevier Highway.  Outreach efforts have included – two stakeholder workshops, a survey, […]

Time Running Out

April 28, 2019 Admin 0
Time is running out to bid on more than 150 new and gently used “treasures” donated by community residents and local businesses in neighborhoods throughout Knoxville.  On-line bidding during the Knoxville Neighborhood Treasure Hunt at ctvknox.org/hunt will END this Friday (May 3rd) with a live […]

SWFT On the Air

April 28, 2019 Admin 0
Several SWFT neighbors recently sat down and participated in a 4-part video series of interviews called “In the Neighborhood”.  During the recorded interviews, which have aired on Community Television of Knoxville (CTV), neighbors shared their reasons for choosing to live […]

37 Tons

April 28, 2019 Admin 0
On April 6th, the 30th annual Ijams River Rescue presented by TVA with support from Lowe’s collected close to 37 tons of trash and tires from 33 sites in and along East Tennessee’s waterways. Volunteers and crews from the City of […]

Neighborhood Advisory – Vol. 12, No. 16

April 27, 2019 Admin 0
HEADLINES . . .  1. North Hills Garden Club Hosts Annual Plant Sale 2. Montgomery Village Thanks Donors 3. Neighborhoods Host Yard Sales 4. We Are One Month Out From The Neighborhood Conference 5. KGIS Workshop to Show Advanced Material […]

What Matters MOST?

April 13, 2019 Admin 0
Please fill out our 4 question anonymous survey about what matters most to you about Chapman Highway.  It will only take one minute, but it will be so helpful and you can help shape the future of this very important […]

SWFT Communications

April 13, 2019 Admin 0
Early on, the SWFT recognized the critical importance of several different methods of communication among neighbors to promote engagement and encourage participation.  Some of the most important methods are described below: Word of Mouth–individual neighbors talking with one another is […]

Avoid the Chaos

April 13, 2019 Admin 0
Situated on the southern banks of the Tennessee River, 303 Flats Apartments is Knoxville’s only waterfront student community for the University of Tennessee.  Nestled in the beautiful Southside Waterfront Neighborhood, on the quiet side of the river, 303 Flats is […]

Membership Committee Meeting

April 13, 2019 Admin 0
The SWFT Membership Committee will meet on Monday, April 22 (Earth Day) at 5:30 pm.   The main purpose of the Membership Committee is to discuss and implement membership recruitment & retention strategies.  Agenda items at this meeting will include: the difference between knowing about our neighbors and […]

Fone, Food & Drew

April 13, 2019 Admin 0
Neighbor Drew is looking for volunteers to help on the First Friday in May (May 3) from 6 pm to 9 pm in a comfortable television studio environment.  It will be during the final 3 hours of the Neighborhood Treasure […]

Neighborhood Advisory, Vol. 12, No. 14

April 13, 2019 Admin 0
HEADLINES . . .  1. North Knoxville Gathers to Discuss Neighborhood Safety 2. Forest Heights Completes Certification as a Wildlife Habitat 3. Lonsdale International Food and Craft Market Is Back This Week 4. Uptown North Celebrates Easter 5. NAC to […]

Ijams River Rescue

April 6, 2019 Admin 0
Saturday, April 8, 2019, Neighbors Art M., Debbie M., Drew JP and Kevin JP along side 10 volunteers from the Sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma participated in the 30th Annual Ijams River Rescue presented by TVA.  This popular, community-wide event focuses on […]

Meet Mayoral Candidate Eddie Mannis

April 4, 2019 Admin 0
On April 23rd at 6:30pm Knoxville Mayoral candidate Eddie Mannis will make himself available for a meet-and-greet in the CityView clubroom. This is a great opportunity to hear what visions Mr. Mannis has for our city and the south waterfront […]