Blount Ave Road Closure Update

February 26, 2021 Admin 0
Norfolk Southern Railroad is now requiring the the developer of Kern’s Bakery restoration to get a permit from them that allows the construction underneath their railroad trestle. The developer of Kern’s has applied for the closure of Blount Avenue to […]

Art Wraps

October 27, 2020 Admin 0
The above picture is just one of Russell Briscoe’s work that is being considered. Downtown Arts Wraps take plain traffic engineering boxes and turn them into stunning canvasses portraying the artwork of some of the important Knoxville artists from the […]

One Cup at a Time

October 14, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
SWFT held its second ‘One Cup at a Time’ coffee hour at 303 Flats, Monday, October 14, 2019. This time we partnered with 303 Flats and participated in their ‘Breakfast On The Go’ concept. They provided donuts and water and […]

They’re Coming . . .

September 26, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Patience comes to those who wait! During the preliminary research and planning process, we were instructed not to expect too much in regards to seeing butterflies during the first year. In the past one month, multiple people have reported seeing […]

What Will Be Dredged Up Next?

July 23, 2019 Admin 0
Have you ever wondered why the boat docks at CityView get all bent out of shape in the wintertime?  Every winter, the TVA drops the river water level by 10 feet in anticipation of winter snow and spring rain.  The depth […]

Convertible Bench/Tables

June 26, 2019 Admin 0
Soon, SWFT will be taking delivery of 4  convertible park bench/picnic tables.  Funding for these practical amenities, which will be positioned on the terrace overlooking the butterfly garden beds, was made possible through last year’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program.  Placing […]

Mid Term Report

June 26, 2019 Admin 0
We are delighted to report that SWFT has exceeded expectations in almost every area of execution related to our Butterfly Habitat Project.  Below, is the current status on 11 project goals: At least 10 neighbors will plan the butterfly garden […]

Big Tent Project

June 26, 2019 Admin 0
From its inception, SWFT has embraced participation from ALL neighbors, regardless of whether they own or rent. We believe every neighbor is an important part of the neighborhood. The inspiration for our proposed 2020 “Big Tent” Project came from input […]

Railroad Tunnel Entrance

June 9, 2019 Admin 0
Imagine if we could make the tunnel that is the gateway to our neighborhood, look like this mural at the Miller Avenue railroad underpass in Ann Arbor! SWFT has enlisted the help of a “In Our Backyards” (IOBY) to assist […]

Rewarding Treasure

May 9, 2019 Admin 0
As the first annual Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction came to a close, SWFT was rewarded with an enormous $841 cash treasure.  The purpose of the citywide event co-sponsored by Community Television of Knoxville, the Office of Neighborhoods, and […]

SOUP’s On!

April 29, 2019 Admin 0
KNOXVILLE: Everyone with an appetite for community improvement is invited to Knoxville SOUP on April 30th. The dinner will be held from 6:00 to about 8:30 p.m. at Dara’s Garden, 2637 Maryville Pike (in South Knoxville). SOUP is an exciting […]

Fone, Food & Drew

April 13, 2019 Admin 0
Neighbor Drew is looking for volunteers to help on the First Friday in May (May 3) from 6 pm to 9 pm in a comfortable television studio environment.  It will be during the final 3 hours of the Neighborhood Treasure […]

Ijams River Rescue

April 6, 2019 Admin 0
Saturday, April 8, 2019, Neighbors Art M., Debbie M., Drew JP and Kevin JP along side 10 volunteers from the Sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma participated in the 30th Annual Ijams River Rescue presented by TVA.  This popular, community-wide event focuses on […]

Beds Planted

March 31, 2019 Admin 0
As Spring has begun to usher in warmer weather, the SWFT Butterfly Habitat is entering its final phases of construction.  Neighbors Debbie M, Terri D, Phyllis & Joe M, Don B, BJ & Warren A, Kara G, Toni H, Kevin […]

Call for Proposals

March 31, 2019 Admin 0
Knoxville SOUP is looking for community-focused projects throughout Knox County that could use some cash to get cooking. The next SOUP micro-funding event will take place Tuesday, April 30, at Dara’s Gardens, 2637 Maryville Pike, Knoxville, TN 37920. Deadline to […]

Missing Jewelry

March 23, 2019 Admin 0
With just 3 weeks remaining during the Treasure Hunt donation period (ending Apr 11th), nearly 80 treasures have been donated to benefit Knoxville Neighborhood Groups (including SWFT) and the upcoming Knoxville Neighborhood Conference.  Most of these items have already been posted at  Several others are currently in the queue.  While […]

Plant Day

March 23, 2019 Admin 0
On Sunday, March 31st  neighbors will be traveling to the farm of a landscaper in Maryville who so generously donated some of the Butterfly friendly plants we need.  Upon transport back to CityView, they will then be transplanted into the […]

More Treasures

March 13, 2019 Admin 0
Here is an updated list of items that will be included in the upcoming Neighborhood Treasure Hunt.  Please consider donating something of your own to help raise money for SWFT – our neighborhood organization.  Visit for details or contact […]

Caught in the Act

March 12, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Last year, Art B privately began a practice that quickly became the neighborhood cleanup activity.  On some of his routine walks, he began picking up trash on the roadside and in other areas around the neighborhood.  To help him out, […]

Ready to Plant

March 12, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
We are now deep into the month of March when winter struggles to hang on and spring fights to take over.  And spring always wins!  On Sunday, March 31, we will celebrate the arrival of this wonderful season by planting […]

SWFT China

March 3, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
This 67-piece Noritake China set donated by a SWFT neighbor is among the growing collection of treasures that will be auctioned during the upcoming Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of […]

Easy Money

February 23, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Please help SWFT raise money to support our neighborhood projects the easy way.  Donate something to the Knoxville Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction and designate the proceeds to benefit the Southside WaterFronT (SWFT) Neighborhood Association.  Or, if you prefer, […]

Butterfly Garden Beds Filled

February 22, 2019 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
On Saturday (February 16th) twenty motivated UT students volunteered to assist eight other SWFT neighbors in completing the actual construction phase of the raised butterfly garden beds.  During the span of 2 hours, all six beds were completely filled.  First, […]

Dirty Talk

January 31, 2019 Admin 0
Thanks to neighbors John, Don & Gerard, SWFT recently accepted a load of 288 cu ft of bagged topsoil – almost enough to fill our newly constructed raised garden beds.   On Saturday Feb 16 (9 am – noon), neighbors and […]

Neighborhood Treasure Hunt

January 31, 2019 Admin 0
This Spring, Community Television of Knoxville is collaborating with the Office of Neighborhoods and participating neighborhood organizations (including SWFT) to hold the first annual Knoxville Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction!  Residents and businesses throughout the city will be encouraged […]

Pouring Chocolate

January 31, 2019 Admin 0
By now, you have most likely read about some of the wonderful ideas SWFT is considering to promote active interaction between the residents at 303 Flats and the residents at CityView.  Currently, the Membership Committee is interested in hearing from […]

Treasure Hunt

January 21, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Be sure to read the next edition of the Grapevine coming out within the next 10 days.  Included will be an EXPLOSIVE article with details regarding how you can participate in an exciting creative fundraiser that will benefit our specific […]

Bedding Down . . .

January 21, 2019 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
To date, more than 30 neighbors have contributed more than 200 hours of their time and talents to help plan and build our SWFT Butterfly Habitat.  Most recently, activities included the leveling of the site for six raised galvanized  garden […]

SWFT Holiday Video

December 21, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Community Television of Knoxville recently invited all Knoxville neighborhood groups to create a short holiday video greeting to air on the channel throughout the season.  Check out the 60-second greeting produced by SWFT neighbors Kevin & Drew.  Be sure to […]

Dirty Neighbors

December 9, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
As you probably know, the Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood Association is approved to move forward with our neighborhood butterfly habitat project.  Neighbors have already been meeting regularly to discuss options pertaining to native plants that will attract butterflies and satisfy their nesting and feeding needs. Now, we are ready […]

Flower Power

December 9, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Butterfly Weed, Common Milkweed, Purpletop Grass, Swamp Milkweed, Purple Passionflower, Black-eyed Susan, Goldenrod, Gay Feather, Virginia Sweetspire, Aromatic Aster, Blazingstar, Lyreleaf Sage, New England, Aster, Purple coneflower, Tall ironweed, Mountain mint, Phlox, and Orange Coneflower. There are just a few […]

Get Protected Now

November 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Last year, 80,000 people died from influenza, and another 700,000 were hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP).   Not a single one of these cases was spontaneous.  All of them were passed from one person to […]

Making Our Beds

November 7, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
The SWFT Butterfly Habitat Club met over coffee and butter cookies this week to advance our recently funded Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat Project.  Specific sites for our garden beds have been determined on the riverwalk below the terrace and across from […]

Butterfly Habitat Project APPROVED

October 30, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Earlier this month (Oct 23) several SWFT neighbors were on hand at the Knoxville City Council meeting when funding for our proposed Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat project was finally approved.  The $3,000 award will be used to design and construct at least […]

Railroad Time Tunnel Update

October 30, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
After approximately 1 year of discussion with Norfolk Southern, SWFT has received proposed contract agreements that would enable us to begin work on beautifying the railroad underpass with a painted mural.  If signed, these contracts would commit SWFT to pay […]

SWFT at City Council

October 22, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
Final Reminder . . . This Tuesday (Oct 23) the SWFT Neighborhood Butterfly Habitat grant proposal will be placed before City Council at 6 pm for final approval.  This is a very special moment for our newly formed neighborhood association, so it will […]

Digging Up Dirt

October 17, 2018 Admin 0
The first meeting of the newly formed SWFT Butterfly Habitat Club was held on Wednesday (Oct 17), Monarch Don presiding. During the meeting, participants explored many of the different tasks that will be required and specific ways in which neighbors […]

Under The Bridge

October 12, 2018 Andrew Jeske-Polyak 0
With the weather cooling down, walking has become a more popular way to navigate to the downtown.  One of the things that has always discouraged us from walking has been the dread of crossing Chapman Highway. With the opening of […]

Green Thumb?

October 11, 2018 Admin 0
If you know a thing or two about any kind of gardening, farming, or wildlife, join us for a gathering in the Cityview Clubroom this coming Wednesday evening (Oct 17) from 6:30 pm – 7:15. Neighbor Don, who is the […]

SWFT Before City Council

October 11, 2018 Admin 0
URGENT . . . This week, we learned that our Neighborhood Small Grant Proposal (NSGP) for constructing a neighborhood butterfly habitat has been recommended for approval at City Council. The proposal will go before City Council on Tuesday, October 23 at […]

Inaugural Garden Club Meeting

October 2, 2018 Admin 0
SWFT is currently awaiting a final decision on our $3,000 grant proposal to fund the creation of a neighborhood butterfly habitat!  Hopefully, word will come soon.  So, now is the time to inform all neighbors interested in gardening and/or butterflies […]

Grapevine Reach

September 20, 2018 Admin 0
Our Grapevine electronic newsletter has grown to reach 102 subscribers on a regular basis.  Among these subscribers, 88 are current residents of the Southside Waterfront (SWFT) Neighborhood.  The other 14 include interested local government officials and other neighborhood leaders.  Among […]

Butterflies for Dinner

September 14, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Steve McGaffin (Knoxville Zoo Curator and key proponent and organizer of butterfly monitoring in Tennessee) recently met with neighbors Kevin & Drew. During a delightful 2-hour dinner conversation, Steve provided an enormous amount of information pertaining to the life cycle […]

Spacial Announcement

September 14, 2018 Admin 0
SWFT is looking for some storage space for some folding tables, folding chairs, party tent, party paper goods, food serving equipment, banners, and a fresh popcorn machine.  If you have a roomy or seldom used storage room at CityView and you would like to donate some […]

Railroad Time Tunnel

September 7, 2018 Admin 0
SWFT was recently selected as one of 5 finalists for the mini-grant competition at the upcoming Endeaver Summit to be held at the Mill & Mine on September 13th.  Neighbors Drew and Malcolm will be making a short presentation on  our Railroad “Time Tunnel” proposal at the summit.  […]

Butterfly Swarm

August 27, 2018 Admin 0
Our grant proposal to create a neighborhood butterfly habitat received tremendous support from CityView at Riverwalk, Zoo Knoxville, Stanley’s Greenhouse, and the City of Knoxville. We have already selected the sites where the garden beds will be constructed (on the […]

Train Conductor

August 27, 2018 Admin 0
TRAIN CONDUCTOR . . . Like the song says. “workin’ on the railroad” is a long and steady process. As SWFT continues to move forward with the railroad tunnel mural project, neighbor Drew reports we have recently had additional communications […]

Trash Talking

August 15, 2018 Admin 0
Neighbor John reports that CityView at Riverwalk generates 24 bins of recyclable trash per month, amounting to approximately 18 TONS of recycled product per year! What doesn’t fit in the bins, combined with all of the other garbage that ends […]

Butterfly Habitat Site Visit

August 13, 2018 Admin 0
Several neighbors met with Molly Conaway (representing the City of Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods) regarding our pending Butterfly Habitat Neighborhood Grant Proposal.  During the meeting, an overview of our proposal was presented and answers were provided to questions asked by […]

CityView Recycle Bins

August 12, 2018 Kevin Jeske-Polyak 0
Neighbor John reports that CityView at Riverwalk generates 24 bins of recyclable trash per month, amounting to approximately 18 TONS of recycled product per year!  What doesn’t fit in the bins, combined with all of the other garbage that ends […]