Creating Project Proposals


SWFT welcomes the participation of motivated members to serve on one of 4 Standing Committees. Committee work generally takes place between regular quarterly meetings, as warranted. Committee meetings usually consist of informal get-togethers where individual tasks are defined by the group and distributed among members. If you would like to serve as a member of any of the following standing committees, please let us know you are interested.

Membership Committee . . . Responsible for strategies to recruit, welcome, and orient new members (property owners, renters, local business owners) and promote inclusion and participation among all members. Also responsible for the maintenance of accurate member contact information & participation data and coordination of member communications through printed materials, the Internet, and other means. Chair: Appointed by the President

Projects Committee . . . Responsible for helping members transform their neighborhood improvement ideas into strong project proposals that attract the interest and support of neighbors who are willing to help implement them. Also responsible for providing assistance in the recruitment and supervision of volunteers who carry out approved project plans. Chair: Vice President

Evaluation Committtee . . . Responsible for providing training & technical assistance to other committees, related to project planning and grant writing. Also responsible for evaluating the strength of project proposals submitted by members through the project planning process, including project justification, background research, action plan, budget, required permits, safety & security, liability, and measurable evaluation criteria. Chair: President

Administrative Committee . . . Responsible for conventions to ensure efficient use of time and meaningful exchange of information during member meetings. Also responsible for management of donations, bank deposits, cash disbursements, budget review of project proposals and grant applications, preparation of financial reports, filing of required local, state & federal forms on behalf of the organization, and preservation of all organization records. Chair: Secretary/Treasurer

SWFT encourages neighbors to convert their creative ideas into viable one-page project proposals.    Our objective is very clear.  We want to make it easy for neighbors to draft strong project proposals that include enough quality information to help generate interest and broad support from the neighborhood.  Here are the steps involved:
  1. The Evaluation Committee will provide neighbors with a simple one-page project proposal form with instructions available at THIS LINK.
  2. The Projects Committee will review the blank form & instructions with interested neighbors and provide actual examples of project proposals.
  3. The Projects Committee will review a submitted draft and provide further guidance to assist neighbors in strengthening their proposal.
  4. The revised daft will be submitted to the Evaluation Committee for additional review & guidance.
  5. At the discretion of the authors, the revised draft may (or may not) be shared at a specially called meeting for all members.
  6. The final project proposal will be posted on bulletin boards and will also be distributed via emailto the full membership.
  7. The membership will be invited to provide additional comments and vote online.
  8. A simple majority of votes cast will decide if the proposal is approved.
  9. If there is insufficient neighborhood support, the proposal may be modified and resubmitted at a later date.
  10. The Projects Committee will follow up to provide updates on the progress of approved projects.
IMPORTANT REMINDER . . .   This process is intended to speed things up in a responsible way, rather than to create “roadblocks” that slow things down.  If you would like to serve as a member of the Projects Committee or Evaluation Committee, please let us know!  We appreciate your engagement.